5 Storage Hacks for Your Apartment Bathroom

How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

The bathroom always seems to be one of the hardest rooms in the home to keep neat and organized. These five easy storage hacks can get your bathroom looking great in no time. Keep out only the products you use on a daily basis, everything else should be stored in a cabinet or drawer. Now you […]

5 Foods That Can Also Double as Great Kitchen Cleaners

Create More Storage in Your Apartment With These 5 Design

Green living make for some of the most innovative tips on how to clean your kitchen. Here are five foods that are excellent kitchen cleaners. Rice. When you want to clean a vase, or other hard to reach glassware, simply put in a handful of rice along with water and your detergent. Swish the mixture to […]

5 Stress Free Traveling Tips for Summer Vacation

Use These 3 Tips for Getting Settled Into a New City

The summer is a great time to go on vacation. There’s a great, big world to see and we have to take advantage of it while we can. Avoid the anxiety that comes with vacation while following these stress free traveling tips this summer. Pack lightly and consider what you can buy when you get […]

Buy Flowers for Your Apartment at Hayward Flowers

Buy Flowers for Your Apartment at Hayward Flowers

Looking to change up the look of your apartment? Maybe you just want to bring some of the beautiful outdoors inside? The best way to do this is to buy fresh flowers from Hayward Flowers. Hayward Flowers has the perfect arrangements to brighten up the look of your apartment. Redecorating can be quite expensive, but […]

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5 Must-Haves in a Guest Room

guest room

Your guest room is a space you probably haven’t spent tons of time thinking about. After all, it’s one of the few spaces in your home that likely doesn’t get used often. While there’s nothing wrong with waiting to finish off the guest room, there are some tips you need to use to make it […]

So You’re Moving to a New Apartment! Are You Prepared?

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Would you say that you’re relatively organized individual? If not, you may want to use our moving tips to your advantage when preparing to start life inside a new home! Boxing your belongings, contacting a professional removal company, defrosting the refrigerator – these are just a few things you will need to tick off your […]

Merging Households as You Move Into a New Apartment

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Taking the leap to becoming a responsible adult usually begins with moving out of the family home. Whether you are starting a new chapter with a family of your own or plan on signing a lease with a college roommate, we advise you to use our apartment moving tips. When two people move into a […]

Getting Your Apartment Green Space to Look Bigger

patio green

Do you rent an apartment on the bottom floor of your community? If so, you will have an advantage in the gardening stakes over other apartment renters, because you will have the opportunity to transform your outdoor space into a mini yard. Whether you want to grow fruits and vegetables or pretty perennials, it’s worth […]

Unusual Ways to Maximize Your Apartment Closet Space

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Does the closet in your apartment meet your needs? If not, you may need to do a bit of reorganizing to maximize it to its full potential. The more methodical the closet, the more clutter-free the home will look, so why not make use of every nook and cranny with our closet organizing tips? You […]