Our Two Outdoor Swimming Pools are Great for Escaping the Heat

Have you Seen our Apartment Amenities

Summer is the hottest time of the year and this year is no exception. To escape the brutal heat our residents have not one but two outdoor pools to enjoy, plus many other great amenities. The summer here in Hayward CA has been much warmer than usual, but the people who live at Park Orchard […]

Enjoy a Romantic Meal at De La Torre’s Trattoria

Enjoy a Romantic Meal at De La Torre's Trattoria

The lovely thing about staying in Park Orchard apartment complex is that when you feel the need for a romantic meal, you don’t have to travel all the way to Italy. The only thing you need to do is hop in your car and drive to 6025 West Las Positas Blvd. where you’ll find De […]

Give Your Apartment a New Feel With These 5 Budget Friendly Design Tips

Decorate Your Apartment's Living Room With These 3 Budget Friendly Tips

One secret that decorators share is that anyone can have incredible style for less. With these five budget-friendly design tips, you too can give your apartment a design makeover. Frame magazine or book illustrations. Carefully cut out the images that you want to frame. Put jewelry on vases. If you have extra vases, why not […]

10 Solutions for Your Apartment’s Blank Walls

Great Ideas for Framing Your Kid's Art

When you decide to decorate your Park Orchard apartment, you can make some really simple changes in order to breathe new life into your living space. The easiest way to create new energy in your space is to cover your blank walls. The following solutions will give you some great ideas to get you started […]

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Upcycling: Making Old Apartment Decor New Again

Whether you want to have less of an impact on the environment or you just like the look, upcycling is a great way to decorate your apartment. Upcycling is repurposing things that would otherwise be thrown away. Check out these apartment decorating tips for ways to give new life to old things: Glass jars – Don’t throw […]

Dealing with Noisy Neighbors at Your Apartment Community

loud neighbors

Being a resident in an apartment community that is based in a bustling neighborhood can be a lot of fun, because what better place to meet people than in an active community? Although you will have a lot to look forward to at this time, it’s wise to prepare for the experience. It can be difficult […]

How to Create an Ad on Craigslist as You’re Moving

using computer

Are you in the market to buy something for your new home? Maybe you are interested in making a buck or two by selling unwanted items? Whatever your reasons for using advertising sites, Craigslist is a useful online source that filters posts into categories, allowing the right audience to connect with the right seller. Receiving […]

BBQ Tips for Your Community’s Grilling Area


Did you know that frying and grilling are two of the most popular cooking methods? Each year, over 60 percent of Americans will spend their summer grilling. A healthier alternative to frying, grilled meat retains more riboflavin, thiamine and vitamins. Moisture is sealed thanks to the high heat from the grill and excess fat trickles […]

How to Begin the Great Roommate Search


Living alone can give you the freedom and privacy you want, but it can also be a bit more bank draining than it would be to rent with a roommate! This is why we recommend moving into one of our rental spaces with a friend. Splitting the cost of bills, taking it in turns to […]