Oakland Has Plenty of Fun Events Planned for Halloween

Halloween events in Hayward

Many Oakland Halloween events will take place over the Halloween period and we urge you to join these events. Halloween Parade & Trick-or-Treating: This is a family oriented parade & trick-or-treating at participating shops on Piedmont Avenue on October 26 and admission is free. Mountain View Cemetery Pumpkin Festival: This event takes place on Saturday […]


Hayward Fall Festivals

Fall Festivals in Hayward

There is nothing like going to a festival during the fall season. The weather is cooler, the surroundings are beautiful and everyone is ready for an afternoon of good food and interactive activities. The following Hayward fall festivals located near our Park Orchard community. 42 Annual Castro Valley Fall Festival: You can attend this festival […]


Check Out the Public Art in Fremont

Public Art in Fremont

Sometimes you can find art and culture in the least likeliest of places. It can be in an out of the way alley, or in the center of a crowded train station. There is a wealth of public art in Fremont for all to enjoy, and it does not cost a dime to view it. Often we […]


How to Organize Your Fridge

Organizing the fridge

Keeping your home organized is essential if you want to function in an efficient manner. It’s also important to your overall mental health and sanity, especially if you have a big family and kids running around. However, keeping your kitchen and refrigerator organized isn’t always the easiest task. Use this guide to help you keep […]


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So you just signed a lease for your brand new apartment and are making preparations for moving day. Make your move easier (and more affordable) by taking advantage of these 5 apartment decorating tips from Houzz: 1. Establish a basic layout for your furniture. Knowing ahead of time how you want to display your furniture in your apartment can […]


3 Ways to Prep Your Apartment for a Pet


Pets in apartments can be a lot of fun; however, if you don’t have the right essentials and you haven’t taken the time to pet proof your living space, you may be setting yourself up for a disaster. To help keep your apartment damage-free, here are 3 ways that you should prep your apartment for a […]


Taking the Smell Out of the Trash


Us apartment dwellers unfortunately have learned that trash can smell and leave an unpleasant odor throughout our entire living spaces! There are some tricks, however, to help reduce the smell of trash, and we wanted to share a few of these tips with you below: Line the bottom of your trash bags with baking soda. It […]


3 Ways to Add Space to Your Small Apartment Kitchen


If you’ve become well accustomed to small apartment living over the years, then one thing that you know is true is that everyone tends to gravitate to the kitchen, regardless of its size. There are actually several ways that you can help to make your small kitchen look and feel larger, and here are a feel […]


The 10 Dos of Online Furniture Shopping


Have you ever been skeptical about online furniture shopping? Check out this list of 10 dos for buying furniture online to help ease your mind: Make yourself familiar with the furniture company. How long have they been in business and what type of guarantees do they offer? Read up on customer reviews. Are customers happy with the […]