Use BART for Your Holiday Travel

Our Apartments are Near the South Hayward BART Station

BART is one of the best forms of California public transportation currently available. When you live in the area, you’ll want to take advantage of the public transportation as much as possible. This is especially true during the holiday season, when many will be in the area visiting family and doing shopping. When you’re doing […]

Create More Storage in Your Kitchen With These 5 Tips

Create More Storage in Your Kitchen With These 5 Tips

Storage can be a problem in mostly any kitchen. Most kitchens in apartments are small and you wherefore need to be creative in order to create more storage space. Here are some tips to create and make more storage in a small kitchen. Organize the drawer If your utensils are stored in a drawer that […]

Get Together With Friends for Drinks at Buddy’s Bites and Brews

Get Together With Friends for Drinks at Buddy's Bites and Brews

When discussing Hayward CA restaurants and bars, the list isn’t complete without Buddy’s Bites and Beers. Buddy’s is an eating establishment that’s a lot like California itself. The setting and style is laid back and unpretentious, but the offerings are complex and plentiful. It’s the type of place to visit when you’re hungry for something, […]

3 Habits That Will Boost Your Energy

Habits That Will Boost Your Energy

We all know that we should be doing more with the time we have but where do get the energy needed to complete everything on our plate each and every day? One idea, avoid habits that will sap your energy. This will enable you to get more done around your Park Orchard apartment home and feel […]

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New Filing Solutions for Your Home Office


Staying organized is a key component of increasing your productivity. For many of us, this can be a challenge, especially in our own homes where we can sometimes let things pile up. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in your home office. Your home office takes up quite a bit of space, and when it […]

How Many Mistakes Do You Make When Cleaning Your Apartment?


By this point in your life, cleaning should be easy, but there are some mistakes that many people often still make. Take a look at some of these great apartment cleaning tips that will make your apartment cleaning much easier. One common mistake to avoid in your apartment is using one cleaning product for every task. Only use disinfectants for disinfecting, not […]

Budget-Friendly Ways to Outfit an Apartment


Just like you will want to dress yourself well before heading out of the house, you ought to embellish your apartment to prepare for visits from  house guests, be it family, friends or coworkers. Creating a cozy ambiance and putting your own stamp on the space is simple when you use a few simple apartment decorating tips. […]

Begin 2015 With These New DIY Projects in Your Home


Do you enjoy getting into hands-on activities? If so, start your apartment living experience with DIY projects. Not only could a spot of do-it-yourself help you save money on what could otherwise be expensive household objects, but it can also stimulate creative thinking and save you from hiring a handyman. Here are some recommended DIY […]

Empty Room in Your Apartment? This Is What You Can Do With It


If you have too much space, then consider yourself among the lucky few! Seriously though, there are times when you have an empty bedroom and you need to break out the apartment decorating ideas. Here are a few things you can do with your empty room to make the space into a useful place! Crafty: […]