5 Unique Ways to Make Your Life More Organized

Organization Tips

Life can get hectic at times and it helps to be organized. If you find yourself constantly looking for things and want to make your life my organized, there are some tips you can make use of at your apartments. Here are 5 unique ways to make your life more organized and essentially easier. Keep […]

Meet Your Neighbors in Our Community Courtyard

Lush Landscape

Our community courtyard is the perfect place to gather with friends and family or become acquainted with your neighbors. Fortunately for us, this courtyard is just one of many wonderful amenities we can enjoy at our Park Orchard housing community. Our property has beautiful landscaping that is green and lush and even has a koi pond. Sit […]

Visit the Japanese Gardens for a Peaceful Day Out

The Courtyard in Our Apartment Community is Great Place to Meet Neighbors

Everyone needs a spot to relax after a long day, and you can make Japanese Gardens your spot. Located less than five miles away from our Park Orchard Apartments, the Japanese Gardens is the perfect destination for a peaceful day out. There is nothing like walking along the trails of the Japanese Gardens, admiring the beautiful […]

Keep Your Houseplants Healthy With These 5 Ideas

Keep your houseplants healthy

If the leaves on your plants are turning brown and the flowers on them are loosing their petals, don’t worry, because you can make the plants in your Park Orchard apartment healthy once again by following these five tips: Choose your houseplants wisely. Select plants that are resilient and low-maintenance like African violets and aloe […]

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Basic Things You Need in any Apartment

apartment living

Most of us when outfitting our first apartment are most concerned about acquiring furniture, utensils and accessories. And while these things definitely make life more comfortable, don’t forget these other more apartment basic items that will both help keep you safe and make your life much easier. Two words: bathroom plunger. Trust us, this is something you would rather […]

Organize a Bathroom to Organize Your Life

apartment bathroom decorating

Cozy apartment bathrooms are just a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to downsize your personal care items by any means. Incorporate these apartment bathroom organization tips to take advantage of every inch of space. Not all towels take up the entire length of a bathroom door, so instead of installing one single […]

Apartment Amenities Every Renter Should Consider

fitness center

When searching for a new apartment there are certain things that are non-negotiable. Your home must be climate controlled, all major kitchen appliances must be included, and there has to be adequate storage and parking. Many of these amenities are included in most multifamily communities’ monthly rent, but there are other communities that will offer all of these goodies, but at […]

How to Decorate an Apartment with White Walls

Drawing room in white

When you live in an apartment you often don’t have the ability to paint your walls any color you want without giving up your security deposit, which in most cases simply isn’t worth it. Even if your landlord doesn’t mind some paint, you know you’ll have to paint the walls when you leave, making it […]

Apartment Decor: String Lights Aren’t Just for the Holidays

string lights

Many relate string lights to the holidays, but their use goes way beyond that. Plus, they’ll also add an inviting ambiance to your space. From illuminating your faux plants to framing your desk, here are four apartment decorating tips for enhancing your space with lights: Transform your empty wine bottles into conversation-starting arrangements. Use a […]